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Narrow Road Marketing

Finding the right marketing strategy for your business can be challenging!  

with over 20 years of experience i can help you design a marketing plan that will get results!

Together we will assemble a plan just for you!


-Social Media?

Tube Microphone in Studio


-Define who you are to your customer!
-Radio Ad writing
-Social Media Posting


Follow Through

- Production

- Distribution

- Manage your advertising resources

Check out these videos that I wrote and produced for some grocery stores in Missouri.  Working together we can place campaigns like these on your social media platforms.

Together we can also create campaigns for radio! 
Here is a recent series of ads we developed for a local haunted house called The Pit.
Click the icons below to hear the ads I created with our client!

Say goodbye to the badgering sales calls!

Once your plan is designed and your marketing is developed and produced then we will distribute it for you to the advertisers of your choosing and the social media channel of your choice!

Let me help you with the marketing so you can get back to working in the business you love!

CALL TODAY 660-247-5806

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